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SEAIR “I love you very much” Special Valentines Promo

Wondering how you can spend your Valentine with your special someone plus another special someone? Spend it in a romantic getaway trip to Boracay by availing of SEAIR’s Buy 1, Take 2 Valentines promo! Hmm, so this means you can bring your girlfriend with you and then tag along a mistress or maybe your ex. This is also enticing for those of you caught up in a love triangle. Whatever the scenario, check this out if you’re planning a trip to either Boracay, Coron, or Batanes this Valentines. Here’s the official press release:

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Kasbah Boracay Moroccan Restaurant

Kasbah Bar and Restaurant
Kasbah (or Qassabah as it is pronounced) is an Arabic term that means fortress. It’s also the only place in Boracay where you can have your fill of exquisite Moroccan cuisine. Back in December, we spent a weekend in Boracay and one of the places where we dined was Kasbah Moroccan Bar and Restaurant. It’s located in Station 1 near Discovery Shores.

I wasn’t too familiar with Moroccan cuisine so I didn’t know what to expect. Moroccan food use an assortment of spices including mint, olives, paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg, chillies, lavender, and saffron which is considered as the most expensive spice out there. It was dinner time when we arrived at Kasbah.

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Spending a weekend in Boracay during the holidays

The last time I visited Boracay was with my wife Gail during our wedding anniversary vacation trip last November. It was more of a time-off from work. We needed a weekend getaway break so badly that time. But we made the mistake of bringing a laptop so we ended up doing a bit of work under the Boracay sun. Here’s another photo which Gail took (using her Canon Powershot G10) from that trip:

Boracay Sunset
Boracay Sunset (Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva)

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