Welcome to The Weekend Trekker blog!

This blog is basically an extension of several blogs I manage. I started out with MarcVillanueva.com as my first personal blog having no direction at all. I practically blog about anything under the sun over that blog. I’m killing that one for now and maybe will resurrect it someday to be a photo gallery. Hmm, will have to think about on what to do with it first. Okay, so after a while I found my niche and came up with Spikeithard.com, a sports blog about volleyball.

Then after some time, I realized it’s time to branch out and setup a new travel blog of my own. Enter ‘The Weekend Trekker’ blog. Every once in a while (our target is to do this on monthly basis), my wife and I make it a point to go on an out of town trip to relax and unwind. The goal is to visit and explore as many places in the Philippines as we could. And blog about it.