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Trekking the slopes of Batanes

Photo by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

It was around 5am in the morning. All of my travel mates were still asleep. I decided to go outside of the Novita house we were renting for a morning walk and to buy hot pandesal. It was raining quite hard outside. The wind was so strong and gusty an umbrella seemed useless. The weather was so bad I was almost sure that we were going to be stuck in this place for at least a couple of days more. This place is frequented by typhoons that is located in the northernmost part of the Philippines. We were in the province of Batanes.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to visit the beautiful islands of Batanes together with my wife Gail. We were so stressed with work and this was our November weekend getaway. We spent the weekend there together with a group of fellow bloggers. This trip was made possible thanks to SEAIR and Columbia Sportswear. We stayed at an ancestral house turned into a sort of apartment for rent called the Novita House in the town of Basco.

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Why I want to go to Batanes

My wife and I have been busy for the past few weeks. We make it a point to go travel once in a while so we can get out and relax. So this month, we’re going to the exotic island of Batanes. Yup, you heard me right. We’re off to Batanes along with a group of fellow blogger friends.

Batanes is located at the northernmost of the Philippine archipelago. It’s a province by the way. When you watch the weather portion in the news, that’s usually where the reporter points to where typhoons and storms are headed going out of the country. They say it’s very rough there. On the other hand, Batanes is also one of the unexploited and unspoiled places in the Philippines. For sure, a lot of exciting things await me and my friends. I heard that the Ivatans (Batanes folks) are very interesting people, so I’m eager to get to know them.

So why the hell do I want to go to Batanes? It’s simple. I want to go to Batanes because I’ve never been there. I want to see places that are not the usual spots in the Philippines. And Batanes is something to look forward to.

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